The Power of Suggestion

Let me tell you all a story today. There was this little boy who used to manage all his homework, studies and extra-curricular activities. His life was fine. But he lacked that drive to do something. That one thing which will change his whole life, one passion to pursue. He tried finding the urge but somehow he was always confused between something or the other. On the annual day, he participated in a debate and even though he did not win, he was appreciated by many people. When he came down from the stage, a senior came to him and said, “You should try doing something with you communicating skills.” That was the day he found his drive. Just one suggestion laid out the path of the future for the boy, for me. Yes, that’s my story and that’s how just one suggestion proved to be so important to me.


Suppose you have an exam tomorrow and you know every page of the book but everyone around you is talking how hard it is to pass in the subject. You spend the whole night worrying that you might also fail. You know, chances are that your mind will actually feel blocked while writing and your exam might not go that good. Such is the power of thoughts and suggestions. So just imagine what miracle can happen if you surround yourself with people who inspire you, motivate you and tell you what you actually are capable of doing. You can actually use the power of suggestion to turn around your whole life. I read this quote, “Your dreams are not big enough if they don’t scare you.” Think of pursuing a dream as grand as this. Times will come when you are the verge of giving up, but if you have a network of people who show you the right path and tell you that you can actually do it, trust me, you will put in more effort than ever. And success comes to those who strive. Just never stop believing in the power of suggestions and it will slowly happen. It is also not just about taking suggestions, but also giving. If you like someone’s any quality, just tell them. You may go on with your life but that person will keep thinking over it for long. And he may actually act upon it and let the power of suggestion build something new for him as well. Also, have an open mind for every suggestion that comes to you. You may have never sang in your entire life, but if someone takes the effort to tell you that you have a good voice and you may try singing, just give it a shot. Your goal is not to become the greatest singer ever. But you can get a good activity, isn’t it? So always, if someone tells you something, think over it. Don’t limit yourself from trying new things. Take in every suggestion and feel that you can excel in it. You really never know what can work for you and give you a direction you never thought for yourself! Take this one lesson along with you, a single theory: the power of suggestions can change your life.

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