How many of you have ever experienced failure in your life? It can be in anything. In a venture, exams, relationships, anything. I believe we all have. But before we go about discussing more about the topic, I’ll share 3 stories from my life with you.

1. Board Exams – Good student. Topped in pre-boards. Expectation. Board exam day. Didn’t feature among the top 10 within my school. Did not get into the college of my dreams.


2. Applying to 5 universities in particular. 2+2 programs deferred and some Masters in Management programs. I had an interview call in Mumbai. I had taken it lightly because I thought that I will get it with my profile. Went for the interview. Sat down. It went on to a good start. However, as the questions moved to as specific to the college, I thought I did not have good enough answers. I was not taken in naturally. Big blow to my confidence. I FAILED.

3. Social Entrepreneurship Venture- Wakeupkid. Launched a project. Put in work, team’s work and also other work as well. Didn’t go that well. For 5 months. Was not taken in well by stakeholders. I FAILED.

So, I introspected. Why did I fail in all these 3 places?

a. What if? Negative thoughts started coming to my mind.

b. Overconfidence. I overestimated my potential.

c. External factors. Sometimes things don’t go your way.

But each of these failures have allowed me to do more and learn so much more, it is unparalleled.

And when I introspected further, I understood one thing that I’ve not become the fear of failing has gone away from my head. Because I was able to understand the reasons of why I failed and how I can improve myself.

And I read one more beautiful acronym for the word ‘fail’ – First attempt in learning.

And that in itself provided me the courage to do different things.

Scuba diving. Skiing. Social Entrepreneurship. Stand Up comedy. Polo. Social Media Influencing. A lot of thoughts come to the head. But the best thing was, “I knew that if I would go ahead with something, anything – I would learn something out of it. Even if I did not succeed in it, I would gain experience. That has given me the courage to do my live show. Talk show. Do speaking engagements. Create quality content that can be scrutinized by the world.

But why did I choose this topic of failure? And why am I so vocal about it. Because I really want this conversation in our country going around failure.

There’s this stigma in our society around failure. The mind set in itself restricts talent and so much of progress in our country which creates a monster called the fear of failure which goes on to create the fear of trying something new. And then we don’t create, we don’t innovate and we don’t disrupt.

My objective through this talk is to get the conversation on failure really going. Both online and offline. Because the more we talk about it, the lesser stigma it becomes.

Failure allows us to learn so much and it gives something to us that is invaluable. So much. And only those people will fail, those who attempt at winning.

So, let’s get this conversation around failure going and #letstalkaboutfailure.

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