Are you in the wrong company?

One of the biggest reasons why I strive to do more and bring out the best in me is the people I surround myself with all the time! And that is the case with most of you out there too.

These few closest people that you spend your time with is what I call someone’s “Core Circle of Influence”

Jim Rohn, one of the best motivational Speakers of our era said, “You are the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with“. When I was in school and then in college, I realized that the people I spent most of my time with were my closest friends. And over time, I did start becoming the average of the traits and qualities they possessed.

Let me write down the qualities my core circle of influence possesses:

  1. The first one is the ‘Achiever Mindset’. Every person in my friend circle is an over-achiever and they are passionate about something or the other very strongly.

2. Competiton: There was this highly “unsaid” and “healthy” competition between all our friends, which allowed us to do so much more, starting from academics to sports, to extracurriculars and any other activity that we take up and that in itself allows us to push our boundaries further!

3. Give it your all, no matter what: My friends and I had this habit of putting our best foot forward be it an exam, a sports match or even a party. We used to work the hardest we could. So 2 months prior to any exams, we were so focused on studying that our conversations were just around that particular topic.

4. Correction: We had made this unsaid pact among ourselves that we followed. We used to always correct the other person if they did something wrong or going to do something wrong.

5. Do More: Every single friend of mine inspires me to do more, to be more, to dream bigger and work harder every single day of my life.

But why am I telling you all this? Because at our School and College life, we are very very impressionable, we’re curious, and it’s very easy for us to get into the wrong company.

But how do you understand which is a wrong company for you?

It’s very simple. if you’re not growing, not learning as individuals nor as friends, then you’re probably in the wrong company.

If your friends are always keeping you in a habit of talking about games, going out for drinks and other stuff rather than discussing constructive ideas. Or if they have this negative aura around themselves and a negative approach to life, then it’s time for you to reset your friend group and find new friends.

If your friends don’t positively inspire you, they don’t push you to try harder and you’re aware of the fact, then let me tell you, they’re not at fault, YOU ARE.

And if you’re among the lucky few who have a good and positive friend circle, then you are bound to grow bigger!

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