Public Speaking: The Ultimate Tip

If I had a device that would give me statistics about any particular subject within the area I am in, and I asked it “How many people around me are afraid of Public speaking?”, The answer would be more than 99% at any given moment.

According to surveys, Public speaking has ranked top among fears in urban youth, and even above death!

This means that people would prefer dying over speaking in Public!

Now, if you’re also one of those people or at least one of those who would rather sit and watch than not going up to the stage and speak, here are two facts that you should know.

  1. Every Public Speaker is Nervous while speaking: No matter who the speaker his, what his status is, how confident he is, how many speeches have they given, they feel nervous when they go up to the stage to talk! I have done a lot of public speeches in front of an audience that ranged from 100-2000+ and on every single of these occasions, I was nervous!

Let me tell you a story, I went to Harvard Business School for their Summer School Program, where I met this amazing professor who had written speeches for the then President of The United States. And she told me this interesting observation, She was standing just behind the president when he was giving a speech and she realized that while giving the speech, his hands were shaking.

So if the President of the United States can get nervous and he is okay with it, so can you!

2. You’re expecting me to give you that one ultimate tip that will take your Public speaking skills from nothing to the best. But let me tell you I cannot give you anything like that. Take out any good public speaker in the world, the only reason they are where they are is that they constantly put themselves in uncomfortable situations! and that’s what you got to do too. Just go up there whenever you can get an opportunity to even talk in front of 5 people, just put yourself in that! and you will grow with every such uncomfortable situation!

That’s a promise

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