The Simplest Way to connect with more people.

One important thing that I have learnt over and over again in life is that the best thing you can do to improve yourself across all domains in life is to network well. Networking is the act of making better relationships with people. And most people want to be the best in it for the opportunities it provides.

But most people don’t know how to do it.

The problem lies in starting the conversation. That’s where most people get stuck upon and can’t move past that.

I did an activity last year that made me and my audience realize how easy it is to connect with people. In the activity, I went on to the streets and asked people “Sab Badhiya?” and their immediate reaction was a big smile, because it hardly happens that a random stranger comes to them and asks them about how they are doing.

After this first ice was broken, I could talk to them for a long time because I had already built the first step to a better relationship with them.

Most people face this as a barrier and this experiment led me to believe that this ‘barrier’ exists only in our minds. A simple “How are you?” is a very fine gesture that you can do towards anybody. And this creates new avenues of opportunities for you because your network of people is increasing. And as I explained in my Networking video, your network is a crucial factor about how you grow in your career and life.

So go out and talk to people and if you don’t know where to begin, just ask “Hi, How are you?”.

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