Intaglio – IIM Calcutta’s International Business Summit 2018

One of the big things I bet on is participating in Business Fests and B-Plan Competitions while in college because the amount of learning there is massive. I, personally, used to participate in a lot of such B-Plan Competitions and I remember about a year and a half back I did apply to IIM Calcutta’s Intaglio B-Plan Competition.

That time although, my B-Plan was not selected in the competition, but about a year and a half later, I’ve been invited to speak there and share my journey and my thoughts. It boils down to the point that even if one plan for you might not work out today, something will churn and happen, if you simply BELIEVE that you can make it happen.

And to be honest with all of you, when I was passing out of college just last year completing my BBA, I did have thoughts on my mind to do an MBA from an IIM and never did a thought even cross my mind that I’d be speaking at an IIM so soon, a place where I was probably looking to study in the future.

Life takes you to funny places if you dare to do something different. And it’s now, that I understand why there are so many inspiring quotes stating, “Do it different.” It now only, that I truly get it.

Hello Dreamers Who Do,
I am doing a session on ‘How to globalise yourself through Social Media’ in IIM Calcutta on 16th December 2018.

Here is your change to register for free.
Link :

Limited Seats (Only for first 50 people)

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