Heart of Gold

This is a small story about a lady who lives in my colony. I have never seen a more inspiring person. Here I go
She was 16 when she was married off to a person who was mentally challenged. Churning poverty made her parents keep the truth in dark. She was married off without her seeing him leave about knowing him.
She didn’t break down when she realised it post marriage. She decided to work as house maid for her daily bread and her husband’s treatment. Her in laws were least bothered about their own son. She kept this work going on for about 5 years after which she lost her husband.¬† She was thrown out of the house.
She continued working.She slept on pavements with stray dogs alike. Despite all this she never had a complain about anything. Her parents had passed away and she literally had none to call as her own. No kids, no siblings.
She kept on working hard day in and day out and managed to buy a small mud house which now happens to be in my colony. It was a part of her hard-work and part as a donation by a philanthropist who admired her courage. It was a very vulnerable house though.
She is exploited by the people in the colony who get their work done in lieu of stale food that they offer her. She is asked to run to grocery shops to fulfill their urgent needs. she is asked to clear off their dustbins. And often mocked at for God knows what. she runs to and fro the government office to avail the pension of just Rs 100. I get to see her take long walks to the offices bare footed.
Despite all this, she has never made any complaint. She is ever smiling and she still works as house maid in many homes ( she is paid in hundreds for her month long work). Every time I call her out for breakfast, she is shy and says she would accept it only if she is given some work to do. She refuses to sit on chair while she says, “No one offers me fresh food, I am never used to hot food and chair”, modestly.
With the little money that she has she buys candies for kids in the colony. She lights one single Diya on Diwali, she brings miniature Ganapati for Ganesha festival. She celebrates life like no one else. She eats her dinner sitting on the stone slabs outside her home, watching the kids play, watching the moon and starts and calling out to people if they would like to have some. She has never gotten a polite response though.
She has made her life so meaningful and beautiful. I have never seen a more optimist person, never known of a better soul. Yes she has a heart of diamond that is the strongest and the radiance of which can light up entire mankind. I love her, she is a special child of God.
Article Contributed by Sahithya M.A

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