Reality of the Virtual World

Hey, how have you been? Happy b’day ! Happy Anniversary. Happy Diwali. Happy Holi ! ¬†Happy so and so……unending list. But everything is virtual. Right ?
Knock knock

So have you thought the number of calls on special occasions have dropped drastically. At times it’s years we hear our near and dear ones which was a regular feature few years back.

Imagine, it’s your birthday and instead of typing ‘thanks’, ‘Ty’, etc, you say, ‘thanks a lot’, ‘So happy to receive your call’ , ‘Pleasant surprise’ etc etc.

Which gives you more happiness? See even imagining yourself in that scenario gets you so nostalgic and inner happiness reflected on your face.

Similarly when was the last time you got drenched in rain or when was the last time you visited a park or when was the last time you played Gully Cricket, Badminton, Pithoo, Kabaddi? When did you last take your kid for outdoor activities? When did your Jeans soiled in mud?

I’m sure you won’t even remember!! But definitely you will have the video games card in your wallet to fill in with points and redeem from virtual reality!! Or that
All the outdoor activities have been transformed to the games on the smart phone and other game consoles.
It’s thought provoking, it’s scary and it’s sad.

So, Go, get up and dance in real rains, hop to park, meet some real friends, feel the power of touch.
I often go on to my roof under rains, alone, my arms spread, head up and when rain touches my face, what a beautiful feeling it is. Nothing can beat nature. That brings me so close to myself.

Article contributed by Kavita Mohta



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