Rendezvous with Mr. Jha!

Met Mr. Sanjay Jha in Mumbai. Mr. Jha is the Executive Director of Dale Carnegie Training India which is the best professional development institute in the world. He is a serial entrepreneur and he also founded, one of world’s leading internet portals. Sir is an international motivational speaker and an Executive coach to a lot of individuals in top management, including CEOs as well as senior political leaders. Sir is also the National Spokesperson of the Indian National Congress and he never misses out on playing tennis each morning.

I had an absolutely enriching and insightful discussion with Sir and he also gifted me his book The Superstar Syndrome, which I know will be an amazing read.

When I asked Sir that how does he be the ‘the jack of all trades and master of all’, he told me 2 things that I’m going to ingrain in myself for the rest of my life:

  1. When you’re working on one particular project make sure you are not thinking of something else that you need to do in the future. Don’t think of that concert you have to attend or the other assignment that you have to submit the next day. Completely focus on the work at hand and then move on to the next pending work once the previous one is done and dusted. And then you can achieve all the things that you want.
  2. Manage your time effectively. Make sure you have the next day planned out well because that is when you will be effective to the maximum extent. Sir always tries to keep his meetings between 11-3:30 so that he can make use of the latter half of the day to his best extent from writing articles and books to appearing on news channels for a debate.

The most important advice that Sir gave me was so simple, yet so inspiring:

“Try new things. Don’t be afraid of failing because you will always learn something new out of it and make sure to HAVE FUN in the process.”

A very humble individual even after achieving so much. It was a pleasure meeting Sir. I try to meet as many people as I can because with each such meeting I learn so many new things and that helps me to grow as an individual.

Cheers guys!

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