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Influencer Marketing

Campaign Marketing

Divyanshu creates content which is rolled out in the form of a campaign for brands that tie up with him for this tier of marketing solutions.


Talk Show: "The Divyanshu Damani Show"

"The Divyanshu Damani Show" is an inspirational Talk Show where he has insightful conversations with extraordinary and interesting people.


Brand Ambassador Tie-Ups

Divyanshu Damani ties up with brand from multiple sectors as the Brand Ambassador and endorses the products/services offered by them.


Speaking Engagements

Divyanshu has been invited to conduct live sessions at various schools and colleges around the country. Some of them are: Narsemonjee Mumbai, IIT Ropar.


Public Speaking

Divyanshu conducts workshops in which he trains individuals and helps them refine their public speaking skills.


Personality Development

Divyanshu conducts workshops in which he helps individuals develop their personalities through speech and engaging activities.


Personal Branding

Divyanshu conducts workshops in which he emphasises on the aspect of Personal Branding and inculcates in them the dire need to grow one’s own self as a brand.



Divyanshu conducts workshops on Networking where he shares tips and tricks on networking and the importance of the same.


Self Improvement

Divyanshu conducts workshops on self improvement, where through speech and engaging activities, he helps individuals in improving themselves.


DD Media + Marketing Solutions

Divyanshu and his team take up independent projects from clients and provide an exhaustive analysis of their marketing strategy while making simultaneous changes in it. His team brings in a lot of value to the clients, because they are well versed in the ways of social media marketing and provide effective solutions for the same.

Divyanshu and his team also cater to various film production requirements. Here, based on the clients’ script, plan of action and other criterion the team takes over the entire process and obtains the desired results effectively.


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